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Work on this page started March 19, 2018. The page will grow as ideas grow and suggestions from Lancisti world wide are added.

Huib's reputation is that if he and his people do a complete restoration, the car is as reliable as a new one. Customers ask: "What shall we do if Huib stops?".

Peter de Wolff is setting up a program for participation as a share holder. There will be a minimum amount. Perhaps 1000 euro. Smaller participations go through a foundation. Peter will add to this page as things progress. In the meantime, if you have question or suggestions, contact Peter.

The objective is to have a broad base for the company and work to have at least three or for specialist working there.

Restorations often suffer from the contradiction of cost versus time. If the hourly rate is low, one cannot risk lack of work. It means there has to be work waiting in the pipe line. This will always grow. On the other hand, if you want short restoration duration than the rate has to be up to 40% higher. There are solutions that require close cooperation between Casa Lancia and the customer. Are you willing to break the barrier? And become a stake holder? Germans are champions in taking down walls. Peter lives near Roermond, close to Germany and he is fluent in German.

As a share holder you have insight in the company. Let borders disappear.

Peter de Wolff
Phone: +31.637349082 or +49 171 2523311

Innovation. Participation.

Help shape the Lancia future.

Become a stake holder

The page will grow further.